BEAUTIFUL JIM KEY: The Lost history of the World’s Smartest Horse (Used Copy)


Used paperback. New version also available in this store. Reading this book will make it impossible for you to think of your horse as anything other than a whole person. Full description below.

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Used Paperback. My copy is dog-eared to death! I’ve read it three times. How could I have owned horses since 1967 and never heard of this horse who, at the turn of the century, had over 200,000 children as card-carrying members of the Beautiful Jim Key Be Kind to Animals Club?! Reading this book will make it impossible for you to look at your horse as anything less than a whole person. This documentary, supported with photos and verifiable research, tells the story of a horse who could “read, write, spell, do mathematics, even debate politics.” Trained with patience and kindness by a former slave-turned-self-taught-veterinarian, Jim performed in expositions across the country to hundreds of thousands of people. The story’s bonus is its incredible amount of fascinating historical information. And, there was just enough information in the last chapter to help me MapQuest the location of Beautiful Jim’s grave near Shelbyville, Tennessee. I now have a photo of me standing next to this wonderful horse’s tombstone! I would love it if you would visit with me after reading this book! Used paperback. 300+ pages.


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